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About the Authors

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Leonard E Burnett is a publishing & media industry veteran and highly successful entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. As a pioneer in the urban media space, Len has been at the forefront of transforming marketers’ perception of the importance of reaching this growing audience. Len’s expertise in advertising sales and marketing leadership has enabled him to successfully launch 7 major magazines, digital platforms, and events with exceptional advertising growth, all within a decade’s time.

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Andrea Hoffman is an advisor, dealmaker, strategist, speaker, author and the founder and CEO of the management consulting firm Culture Shift Labs (CSL). CSL advises Tech, Fortune 500s, Non Profits, Investors and Private Clients on growth and innovation through diversity and inclusion (D&I). Andrea consults with C-suite executives across a wide range of industries on finding new growth opportunities. By helping clients see past long-held perceptions regarding the intersection of innovation, inclusion and diversity, she guides them to insights that unlock new business opportunities.

By Leonard E Burnett Jr and Andrea Hoffman



Black is the New Green

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