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By Jame DiBiasio


Travis Mitchell lands on the Thai resort island Samui with a broken wrist, a bag of cash, and a seriously pissed off Hong Kong crime boss on his tail. His quiet hiatus in a tropical paradise ends when Trav bumps into Mazy, a yoga instructor with a penchant for booze and abusive boyfriends. Trav is convinced he needs to save her from Gordon, a cockney Londoner developing K-Love, the world’s perfect date-rape drug.


Mazy flees Gordon’s villa, but running away with Trav triggers a hunt by Thai gangsters, Chinese triads, Samui cops, and a pathetic janitor who cleans up after the tigers in the local zoo. As her escape brings them all into collision,

Trav wonders if the beautiful yoga teacher is worth it - while Mazy, unsure if she should trust him, decides to take matters into her own unsteady hands.

Bloody Paradise

About the Author

WSP author Jame DiBiasio

Jame DiBiasio is author of the thrillers Gaijin Cowgirl and Cowgirl X (Crime Wave Press), as well as the non-fiction The Story of Angkor (Silkworm Books). He is an award-winning financial journalist and founding editor of AsianInvestor. Visit him at

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