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By Lynn Vannucci


It’s 1986… Mickey Azzi is a soap opera star living in Los Angeles. But she still hasn’t gotten over an affair she had years before, when she was a student living in New York. The affair was with one of her professors, Coyote. In Mickey’s nineteen-year-old eyes, he was everything: older, worldly, accomplished, devastatingly handsome.

But married.

In a series of flashbacks, Mickey remembers the roller-coaster ride that was her year with Coyote. Along the way, we meet her father—a real prick—and Katie, Mickey’s pleasantly cynical older friend who can read her mind.

But teenagers grow up, married men lie, and now twenty-four-year-old Mickey needs to resolve a few questions that linger over her year of frustrated love.

Originally published in 1986 by Bantam New Fiction, Publisher’s Weekly called it “an appealing, fast-paced story.”


About the Author

WSP author Lynn Vannucci

Lynn Vannucci, circa 1980. She is now a novelist, an editor, a ghostwriter, and the publisher and managing partner at Water Street Press.

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