By Michael Llewellyn

 In 1872, French painter Edgar Degas is disillusioned by a lackluster career and haunted by the Prussian siege of Paris and the bloodbath of the Commune. Seeking personal and professional rebirth, he journeys to New Orleans, birthplace of his Creole mother. He is horrified to learn he has exchanged one city in crisis for another—post-Civil War New Orleans is a corrupt town occupied by hostile Union troops and suffering under the heavy hand of Reconstruction. He is further shocked to find his family deeply involved in the violent struggle to reclaim political power at all costs. Despite the chaos swirling around him, Degas sketches and paints with fervor and manages to reinvent himself and transition his style from neoclassical into the emerging world of Impressionism. He ultimately became one of the masters of the new movement, but how did New Orleans empower Degas to fulfill this destiny? The answer may be found in the impeccably researched, richly imagined historical novel, Creole Son.

Creole Son

"[Llewellyn] gives us a sweeping portrait of one of the most beloved 19th-century artists and his immersion in the culture of his mother’s beloved city."

                                 -The Advocate


About the Author

WSP author Micheal Llewellyn

Michael Llewellyn is the author of nineteen published books under various pen names in the genres of historical fiction, time travel, mystery, adventure, contemporary fiction, historical romance, and nonfiction travel. A native of Fountain City, Tennessee, Michael comes from a long line of Southern writers and memoirists. 


Michael lived in New York’s Greenwich Village for twenty years, working as an advertising copywriter by day and writing novels in his spare time.


Michael is married and lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

Creole Son by Micheal Llewellyn