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Hard Cash

#3 in the Clint Kennedy Crime Series

by Joe Calderwood

Clint Kennedy, ex-banker, ex-con, and American ex-pat living in Mexico’s glorious White City, is a wanted man.


He’s enjoying a nice, rare steak with Pablo Navarro, the drug lord for whom he launders money, when he’s forced to go diving under the dining table, skidding on blood, figuring out which one of them has been hit—


As Pablo—the presumed target of the assassination attempt—is recovering, they get word that a certain Miami detective he’s been evading wants Clint back in Florida, to talk to him about an unsolved murder—


In the States, he gets separated—possibly intentionally—from the two bodyguards Pablo had recruited from the Mexican Army’s elite counterterrorism unit and finds himself alone in an abandoned garage in Little Havanna, held in chains—


Murder follows him even as he makes his daring escape and leads him to a final showdown deep in the swamps of the Everglades where Clint is offered the chance to either redeem himself, or become a brutal killer—


But what happens in the swamp—is any of it really his choice?


This fast-paced, cat-and-mouse thriller, reminiscent of the work of Harlan Coben and Don Winslow, picks right up where Calderwood’s second novel in the Clint Kennedy series, Money Faucet, left off.

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