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Money Faucet

#2 in the Clint Kennedy Crime Series

by Joe Calderwood

Clint Kennedy, ex-banker, ex-con, and American ex-pat living in Mexico’s glorious White City, is summarily exiled North, to Miami, by his boss, the drug kingpin Pablo Navarro, to get him out of the way at the breakout of a brutal, intercartel war.


Miami is no safe haven, however—a dirty lawyer, abetted by a corrupt judge, is trying to blackmail Clint; an erstwhile FBI agent is trying to make sure he and his fellow closeted Miami gay elites aren’t outed at a wake Clint’s throwing for one of his former employees; and Clint’s abhorrent, older “stepbrother”, currently serving a prison sentence for embezzlement from the family bank, would rather blow up the family business than see Clint succeed in saving it.


There’s also the worry that Clint might be the next target of a rival cartel that keeps him on his toes—and looking over his shoulder.


This rowdy, international thriller, reminiscent of the works of Harlan Coben and Don Winslow, picks up where Calderwood’s first novel in the Clint Kennedy series leaves off—and keeps the reader riveted through the bracing last pages.

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