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By Joe Calderwood


Clint Kennedy, ex-banker, ex-con, and American ex-pat living in Mexico’s glorious White City, is an adrenaline junkie—but his desire for adventure could end his life at the hands of a ruthless killer. 


When Clint devises an ingenious plan to launder millions in cash into the family business, his life becomes a high stakes game of cat-and-mouse rampaging through the roaring bull rings of Merida, a seedy Mexican jail, and the gleaming towers of Miami’s most prestigious banks. Someone is going to die. Clint just needs to make sure it isn’t him.


This page-turning thriller, reminiscent of the works of Lee Child and Don Winslow, will have you on the edge of your seat.

Stained Fortune

About the Author

WSP author Joe Calderwood

Joe Calderwood was born and raised in Homestead, Florida and graduated from college in 1971 with a BBA. For many years he was a practicing CPA in Florida before beginning his career as a serial entrepreneur. He’s owned, so far, seven different businesses, currently a fifty-five lot development in Western North Carolina. Stained Fortune is his first novel, and the first in the three-part Clint Kennedy series. He lives in Western North Carolina with his spouse of six years—though the two have lived together for thirty-nine years, only recently the Supreme Court allowed them to marry.


#1 in the Clint Kennedy Crime Series

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