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By Joan Wolfsohn

In 1972, professional dancer Joan Wulfsohn underwent a double mastectomy. And her soon-to-be-ex-husband abducted their three children and spirited them away to a foreign country. “I should have died,” Joan writes. But she didn’t. Stalking Carlos Castaneda chronicles her journey back to life by way of lessons learned from stunning transvestites and music hall dancers, teen porn stars, a brain damaged Boy, Eastern holy men, Western supermodels, and a certain aging sorcerer. It is the story of how one woman learned to live a magical life—bound not by spells and hexes but rather filled with wonder and transcendence.​

Stalking Carlos Castaneda

About the Author

WSP author Joan Wulfsohn

Joan Wulfsohn, a student of Carlos Castaneda, was a soloist in the National Ballet (KPAB) of South Africa and has taught dance at the University of Nanterre in Paris, El Centro National del Teatro in Barcelona, and the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. Through her work with the Naugal she developed a bodywork technique known as Cellular Recall Therapy and now uses the technique to help people worldwide to access a spiritual path through the body.

Stalking Carlos Castaneda by Joan Wulfsohn
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