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The Grand Prize

#2 in the Dean Wister Crime Series

by Dennis D. Wilson

Suspended FBI Task Force Agent Dean Wister just wants to heal his wounds and mourn his dead wife. But he’s enlisted by Wyoming Presidential candidate, Tom McGraw, to conduct a shadow investigation—a hunt for a piece of evidence that will derail McGraw’s candidacy if it’s discovered by the FBI, or the Jackson Hole billionaire who is McGraw’s avowed political enemy. The investigation by Dean—and the sultry new partner, Melinda, McGraw assigns to him—takes them on a chase from Jackson Hole to Chicago, Key West to Las Vegas, and ultimately to Shenzhen, China and an international incident with geo-political stakes.

But will the extortionists who trail them all along the way get to McGraw before Dean can get his hands on the evidence?

And just who does the assassin who leaves all those bodies in his wake really have in his sights?

The Grand Prize is a global high-stakes crime story that will grab you by the throat and not let go until its shattering finale.

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