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The Happy Party of Honorable Women

The Happy Party of Horoable Women by Cate Quintara
By Cate Quintara


Jill’s daughter is getting married. The two women with whom Jill has been best friends since they were little girls—Deanie, a successful novelist, and Trick, who struggles with bipolar disorder—arrive to help celebrate the happy event. The bride, however, has a bigger role than ‘wedding guest’ in mind for them all—she has decided she will make up her wedding party by honoring the women who raised and nurtured her.


Throughout the week of pre-nuptial parties, Jill and Deanie and Trick relive the events that have shaped their lifelong friendship—their marriages and relationships, the births and losses of their children, the tragedies and joys that have forged their bond. The women discover the true depths of this bond—and how the wish of one unconventional young bride has transformed them all. Cate Quintara invites you to be a guest at a unique and wonderful wedding, and to celebrate a jubilant life milestone—one made possible only because of the lifetimes of ordinary, every day love that have preceded it.

About the Author

WSP author Cate Quintara

Cate Quintara has been a mom, a homemaker, a high school English teacher, a community volunteer, and the joyful caretaker of lifelong friendships with the women who inspired this book. She has always wanted to be a writer and, at 52, having lived a life rich with the extraordinary stories of “ordinary” people, she has a wealth of material on which to draw. The Happy Party of Honorable Women is her first novel.


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