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The Hot Monkey Love Trial

"When a biotech pirate steals a genetic formula for an incredibly new level in human sexuality, conservatives call for an investigation and the global media goes nuclear. Swept up in the chain reaction are: an innocent school teacher, a blind scientific genius, a smart stripper, and an educated chimp with a super libido. Swinging, branch to branch, from sly wit to side-splitting slapstick, Larry Townsend’s hilarious new novel neatly skewers all levels of American culture. The Hot Monkey Love Trial sets a new landmark in outrageous satire as it takes on D.C. politics, the porn industrial complex, modern science, creationism, Darwinism, and the entire U.S. Justice system − laughing all the way..."                

                                             -Frank Lauria, best selling author of Raga Six and Pitch Black

About the Author

WSP author Lawrence G. Townsend

Lawrence Townsend is a fourth-generation intellectual property attorney who lives and works in the Bay Area. But beneath that calm exterior lurks a mad man! His first novel, Secrets of the Wholly Grill, was praised as being “the perfect gift for everyone who has ever cursed Windows – a not insignificant market.” It will be reissued by Water Street Press in 2017. Townsend clearly has his finger on the pulse of technology...gone beserk.  

The Hot Monkey Love Trial by Lawrence G. Townsend
By Lawrence G. Townsend


Bert Gropes is a reclusive 26-year-old who lives at home with his mother in the farmlands of Woodland, California. He has no money, and he’s about to get fired, again, from the job he loves: teaching social studies to middle schoolers. He knows about those problems. What Bert and his mother, Eugenia Gropes, don’t know until it’s too late is that before he was even born, someone genetically altered him in vitro, along with the course of his natural life. A single gene from a Libidoan monkey—an oversexed great ape native to the Caribbean’s Isle Libido—was inserted into Bert when but a wee little bit of biomaterial.


As destiny and history play out, Bert finds trouble of biblical proportions. He’s accused of terrible crimes in Tennessee for his role in the death of a thrill seeker who downloads an app developed for sexless farm roosters but that’s been repurposed by the real culprit, Dick Slayde of Internet giant Primal Urge, for human use as the ultimate electronic tonic: Hot Monkey Love. Making matters worse, Tennessee’s favorite son, Senator Ray Hoffenworth, comes home to Dayton to be the prosecuting attorney and make an example of Bert. The defense, offered by Bert’s celebrity animal rights activist lawyer, Clarene Eliza Dare, captures the world’s attention: Can a defendant with a single nonhuman gene be tried for murder as a person, as that term is understood by our laws, any more than a dog or a cat?


When the legal titans clash in court over the consequence of Bert’s mixed-up genetic sequence, it’s the Scopes Monkey Trial all over again. Except one thing: The story’s DNA has been mutated—comically and dramatically recombined with strands harvested from today’s news—and twisted into a tale that only the coming age of biotech could dish up.

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