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By Robin Hesketh

In The Secret of Life: The Molecules that Make Us, research scientist and lecturer Robin Hesketh continues the journey he began in Betrayed by Nature (St. Martin’s Press, 2012), in which he provides a concise and accessible history of the science and medical advances made over the decades, demystifying the nature of cancer. The Secret of Life picks up where that book left off. In a series of short, powerful, and often humorous essays, Dr. Hesketh explains the amazing science behind the latest advances in cancer treatment, and how these advances are being applied—or not yet applied—in patient treatment.

The Secret of Life

About the Author

WSP author Robin Hesketh

Robin Hesketh, PhD, has been a member of the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge and a fellow of the Selwyn College for over twenty-five years. His major research area is the development of strategies for the treatment of cancer and he lectures in various undergraduate courses on cell and molecular biology and cancer. He has spoken widely in the press on cancer and has published over one hundred research papers in the leading clinical journals, including Nature, and five books. He lives in Cambridge, England.

The Secret of Life by Robin Hesketh


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